Association of Officers of UCO Bank
9th Triennial Conference of AOUCB, West Bengal; Open Session and Delegate Session to be held on 16th & 17th August, 2015 at Bhasha Bhawan Auditorium (National Library), Alipore.
Welcome to AOUCB
Our beloved 'Association of Officers of UCO Bank, West Bengal' was founded on 14th August, 1979 to share the tears of the members and today we have been able not only to share the tears of the members but also to eradicate the cause of tears of the members to a larger extent. Today although we command more than 96% of membership in West Bengal, our goal is to achieve our mission of ONE CADRE, ONE UNION. Being the majority officers’ organization, our stake in the Bank's well being is paramount and we always believe that our prosperity is dependent on the prosperity of the Bank. Every year we organise a Blood Donation Camp on the Historic May Day to express our solidarity with the toiling masses. To accomplish our social commitment of serving the suffering humanity, we have also formed NABONNYAN, the Social Initiative, and run a school 'Behala Bikasan' for the challenged children of our Society.

Our website containing all our activities is now only a few mouse-clicks away. Happy browsing!